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The artists show you their musical and creative work here

We hope you will be inspired and encouraged to contact the world's artists to exchange experiences and ideas.

Harriet Kyolaba

Harriet Kyolaba lives in Helsingborg, Sweden.  She works with people with difficulties in life.  She was born in Uganda but moved to Sweden at the end of winter 84 beginning at 85.

"I have always dreamed of being an artist since I was little but have not had anyone believe in me.   So I put those dreams on hold but when in 2007 I got the lead role in the musical AIDA in Kristianstad with Emil Sigfridsson and the following year the role as Kala In the musical Tarzan then my hunger grew and the music came back in my life."

"I write a lot in periods .... but now as an adult, the dreams have been filled with new dreams and passions that I try to combine .... my designs, and baking, work as a model,  blog and try to be a positive role model for many girls / women out there and remind that no matter what we went through, we are good as we are."

"In November 2020, I felt like I wanted to give a voice to my feelings about how our world is and wanted to remind ALL of us of little things we forgot along the way so I released my first song I CANT BREATHE which is on Spotify and so did I a simple music video that is on Youtube for the MESSAGE weighs the most."

"My future dreams are to write an autobiography, film and start lecturing about my broken childhood."

"My message in life is If you get a blessing then Be a blessing for someone else .... we all carry something heavy within us but you get far when you are selfless."

You can listen more about Harriet by opening  social media icons below the text.  

Yasmine El Baramawy

Yasmine Baramawy is an Egyptian musician, Sound Artist, Oud performer and Composer based in Malmö, She develops an original sound universe around her practice of the Oud (modified and augmented by a low string) but also around concrete music and other electronic experiments. 

She plays one of the world’s oldest instruments yet she manages to work with a curious blend of different approaches and genres like Oriental, Rock and Classic Music. She builds sound installations mingling with poetry and spoken word added to her Oud live manipulations, her approach is characterized by a permanent sound research exploring both the acoustic tradition of the oud and the adventurous and transversal sound practices. 

She composed and performed live with experimental and dance theatre plays and wrote scores for film production in the alternative scene in Egypt.

You can listen to Yasmine by opening social media icons below the text.

Naim Kassis

NAIM KASSIS is a pianist from Aleppo (Syria) who is living in Malmö City, Sweden. 

 Naim is a pianist wich is interested in playing different types of music: classic, jazz, blues and arabic music, using many musicroots (arabic, syrien, bysantine, islamic, etc).

He has played and performed with in a lot of stages and events and shared his music with famous and talented musicians like Sabina Dduma, the best R&B singer in Sweden.

Recently he played with one of the jazz piano legends and composers, Chick Corea.

Today he will improvise in one of his country traditional tunes: Asmar Al-lone.

You can listen to Naim by opening social media icons below the text.

Mao Zybamba

MAO ZYBAMBA. Born in 1980 in Burkina Faso, where he grew up in the countryside.

Mao offers a world musical journey with songs, songs and stories from Sweden to Burkina Faso.

Already as a child he had a great interest in old stories and stories from different parts of his society. He took time to approach the elderly around Burkina and Mali. In 1999, he moved to the capital Ouagadougou, to continue his studies but also the cultural life he began. In 2003, he began working professionally as a "cultural worker".

Mao Zybamba has traveled to a dozen countries, from Africa to Europe, and shared his knowledge and skills. He is an actor, writes plays, poetry, musical songs, and tells tales that he collects from different sources. He has quoted a saying: Veux- tu garder un trésor pour longtemps? Confisque-le des vieux! ("Do you want to preserve a treasure through the ages? Seize it from the ancients!")

He plays African folk music, Swedish folk music - built his own key harp in Eslöv in 2012 with Jan Erik Widerberg and is a member of the harp poliers in Eslöv! - and sings in moore (his mother tongue), French (the official language of Burkina) and Swedish.

He has developed a concept which in French is called contes initiatiques, i.e. that he uses his African oral storytelling as a tool to demonstrate, explain, guide or discuss the modern world.

Yes, Mao Zybamba has a great commitment to children and youth development by offering them learning and meaningful fairy tales, theater and music, including in Burkina Faso Sweden.

In Burkina Faso and France, he did in collaboration with schools, libraries in collaboration with the municipalities the projects where he let children and young people listen and reflect the times now. They then developed work through a task with the meaning of helping them as future leaders to start thinking about how they can contribute to the local and international well-being.

Mao Zybamba is a storyteller from the ground up and has already developed his concept, which is a real tool for demonstrating, explaining, guiding or discussing the modern world.

Now ten years Mao Zybamba lives in Sweden and is developing in the Swedish language then he became ready to continue his concept in Sweden.

Mao Zybamba begins with his first performance in 2003 in French and was played dozens of times in French-speaking countries.

It is a musical tale called The Unexpected Guests.

It is about 3 inseparable friends visiting a family. Wealth, Love and Power are the main actors.

The guests invited the family to choose one of the main actors to be one of their family members.

In this performance, Mao Zybamba questions what social and cultural integration should look like and what significance his image can look like in the eyes of an artist?

The unexpected guests play for 40 minutes most of the time alone and can include other musicians for cultural exchange purposes.

The Unexpected guests are suitable for adults, children and children from 5 years.

Give the opportunity to open a discussion with the audience.

Perhaps Mao Zybamba himself, based on his voice and his melodies, can be used as a means of communication for the development of our society.

Mao Zybamba would like to participate in the development of the multicultural society in Sweden as a musician or as a storyteller.

But, beyond his knowledge and skills, there is the help and support he lacks.

You can listen & read more about Mao by opening social media icons below the text.

Tanya Lohse

TANYA LOHSE is an artist who is living in Malmö, Sweden.  She is a songwriter who moved to Los Angeles to follow her dream in music. Her music is described as a mix between pop and r & b.  She writes from everything between love, dreams and life experiences and hopes to be able to get others to relate to her music.

You can listen to Tanya by opening social media icons below the text.

Monika Hoffman

MONIKA HOFFMAN is a Swedish singer with Hungarian-German roots. She is at home not only in classical music, latin, jazz and pop, but also in three languages, namely Swedish, Hungarian and English – all of which she uses for shades of musical expression that are quite distinct. 

Monika Hoffman studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she played with legends like Michael Brecker and Charlie Haden. In Hungary she became well known for participating in the TV show Megasztár – Voice of the Year, which resulted in a recording contract and a spot in the Hungarian finals for the Eurovision Song Contest. 

The follow-up to her latin vocal jazz album Let‘s Run Away (feat. Paquito D‘Rivera) – also in the mochermusic catalogue - TEN MUSES is her new album and entirely produced by mochermusic in Stuttgart, Germany.

Rodrigo Pequeño

Rodrigo Pequeño is an autodidact musician from Argentina.  He began his artistic career at the age of 13 when he started playing  guitar.  Thus arises his artistic gifts and his passion for music.  This is where he decides to join the choir led by the famous singer Daniel Toro. He also participates in artistic workshops led by Jaime Dávalos. At he age of 14, he decided to study at the "Escuela Superior de Musica of Salta" in Argentina. 

Wöffa band

WÖFFA - Means WELCOME and this group wants to do it this Saturday morning.

The group was started by Bouba Soumah an artist and composer from Guinea Conakry together with Naby Bangoura, musicians and dancers from Guinea, Mamadouba Bangoura musicians and dancers from Guinea, Nils Lidman on flute from Sweden, Jonas Larsson music teacher from Sweden, Mao Zybamba artist from Burkina Faso and Ibrahima Camara artist from Guinea.

The group plays traditional African music with a feeling and empathy that can get everyone involved.  Wöffa is one of our groups that collaborates with Carolina Calderon Culture and Integration. A collaboration that means a lot both to the group and to us and we want with this video and presentation to present the group to you all.

Ley Primera

For Ley Primera, it is a great gift to be able to belong to Carolina Calderón Kultur & Integration website.  Since we consider the protection and development of the union of the peoples through music, we fined it very vital.  We have a song that represents our group, which in one of its stanzas says ... "we dream of a world that has a brotherly union."

We are all the same,  even though we are different, in beliefs, in political thought, skin color, sexuality and so many things that differentiate us. We cling to the phrase that gave our group its name, from Don José Hernandez and his book Martín Fierro ...The gaucho Martín Fierro, a classic book from my native land sings: "Let brothers be united, because that’s the first law. Have a true union in any time that goes, because if they fight each other, they get devoured from outside."

Our message as siblings, artists and free individuals is to seek the means for brotherhood beyond all differences that exist in this world.   And that was one of the main reasons that motivated us to be part of this site.  Here we find that brotherhood that we have been seeking so much for since a long time.

The folk band "Ley Primera" was founded in 2014 in Cordoba, Argentina.  The same year, they released their first album (with a lot of effort, dedication and few resources) called "Ley Primera" with a collection of 8 songs of Argentine folk music.  The musical style that characterizes the band is Argentine and Latin American folk music.

The band consists of 3 brothers: Maria Belén Gutierrez, lead voice and guitar, Paulo Andrés Gutierrez, music director and first guitar, and Oscar Luis Gutierrez, singer-songwriter and percussion.

The band plays in various folklore and popular events in the city of Córdoba and its surroundings, as well as in private and solidarity events. The band constantly presents their material in various communication media in Córdoba such as Cadena 3 - Argentina, Radio Continental de Córdoba, Radio Universidad, among others.

Welcome to our social media and support us.  Thanks! 

Jemile Pire

My name is Jamile Pire and I come from the city of love and peace, (Qamishlo) Roj Ava in Syria. I do not remember when I started singing. I think it was born with me.  My first appearance on stage was when I was eleven years old.

The music  was a challenge for me in a society that forbids women to sing.  I sang in most of the neighboring countries to Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon.  I sang at many different festivals and special occasions such as Mother's Day, Women's Day and Nowruz, which is related to my Kurdish nationality. 

I have listened to many artists and from different languages. The music is the engine of my life.  When I moved to Sweden and I was able to continue my artistic career, I finally felt free.  I love music to the extent that I can spend all my time in a session studio. 

I think music is the only language that prevails among people. I want to communicate my art to the world.  I want to meet new cultures and musical styles.  I want to teach about Syrian music and its style. I want to meet new colleagues from all over the world.

This website will help me reach my goals. I'm ready to be seen in the world.!

Ñaupa Folclore

A group of Folklore musicians from Ituzaingó (Buenos Aires - Argentina).

It is a pleasure to bring you our material and our presentation so that you can get to know us and share our group project.

After having released our first album “Colores Nuevos” in 2017, of which we are proud, we found all the energy to exhibit it on each stage and spread it with great dedication.

We also emphasize that we had the pleasure of participating for two years in a row in important Peñas de Córdoba such as "La Fiesta del Violinero", "Peña La Chacarera Cuti and Roberto Carabajal" and "El Patio de la Piri".

In 2019 we also showed songs from the album and many others from the popular songbook on stages such as "La Peña del Kuly", "Los Cardones", "La Peña de los Pueblos", "Peña Sombra Blanca", "El Patio del Cunyi" (Salto), Municipality of Ituzaingó, among others.

In our artistic journey we have pleasantly shared Stage, Peñas and Festivals with great artists such as Peteco Carabajal y Riendas Libres, Nestor Garnica, Jose Luis Aguirre, Yacaré Manso, Pura Vida and Pacho Barroso among others.

And we are already working on new songs for the second album that we hope to release very soon.