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Women in my life

Women who inspire women

Let's inspire each other

Each woman has a story to tell and is able to motivate many others to dare to embrace their dreams, take their fears by the hand and dress in light thanks to their talents.

This space, where every fortnight the experience of women from various professions and trades is narrated, is a window through which you can approach them, with the purpose that they are your inspiration to encourage you to live the life you want. 

Your journey begins today, woman!

Get inspired here

Get to know  Harriet Kyolaba

Harriet Kyolaba.  

Lives in Helsingborg, Sweden. She works with people with difficulties in life. She was born in Uganda but moved to Sweden at the end of winter 84 beginning at 85.

"I have always dreamed of being an artist since I was little but have not had anyone believe in me. So I put those dreams on hold but when in 2007 I got the lead role in the musical AIDA in Kristianstad with Emil Sigfridsson and the following year the role as Kala In the musical Tarzan then my hunger grew and the music came back in my life."

"I write a lot in periods .... but now as an adult, the dreams have been filled with new dreams and passions that I try to combine .... my designs, and baking, work as a model, blog and try to be a positive role model for many girls / women out there and remind that no matter what we went through, we are good as we are."

"In November 2020, I felt like I wanted to give a voice to my feelings about how our world is and wanted to remind ALL of us of little things we forgot along the way so I released my first song I CANT BREATHE which is on Spotify and so did I a simple music video that is on Youtube for the MESSAGE weighs the most."

"My future dreams are to write an autobiography, film and start lecturing about my broken childhood."

"My message in life is If you get a blessing then Be a blessing for someone else .... we all carry something heavy within us but you get far when you are selfless."

You can read & listen more about my work by opening social media icons below the text.  

Warm greetings,  Harriet. 

Regards and Good luck on your magical journey to yourself, 

Welcome to my website and my social media

Get to know  Paulina Rosson


I am a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer with extensive experience in various dance styles. I have trained internationally for most of my life.

I also work as a fire artist in the group Pangea Performing Arts, where we use various artistic expressions to create magical performances that touch and inspire.

For me, dance is the best medicine for the whole body and for the soul.

I see a great need in the world to get in touch with our bodies, teach us to love and respect them.

In recent years, I have focused mainly on Oriental Belly Dance and studied more deeply about the culture, history and politics, mainly in the Middle East and North Africa.

Oriental Belly Dance has a strong focus on the feminine power, on the pelvis and the uterus. 

These are 3 points that have an enormous potential of vitality and creativity but have had a shameful weight during a large part of our history. Seeing people become freer in their bodies is one of my biggest driving forces.

Another important inspiration for me to continue my education and work with dance styles from the Middle East and North Africa, is that I want to help spread the rich and diverse culture and history from this large area of ​​the world.

Warm greetings,  Paulina. 

Regards and Good luck on your magical journey to yourself, 

Welcome to my website and my social media

Get to know  Katja Munk Brandt


There are a number of things in life I am a little extra passionate about! It is partly to help people

to find their "thing".  So what I want to do with my life is to help people find theirs inner motivation and partly to create sustainable and creative workplaces.

After many years of experience from various leadership positions, I have gained the insight that peoples

psychological security at work is crucial for businesses to achieve their goals. 

When we as employees and managers feel safe in the workplace, when both the physical

and the organizational work environment works, we can be creative, enterprising, innovative

and inspiring in our workplace. That's when we feel best, have fun at work and

creates results. This is where the feeling of flow is made possible.

I am a behavioral scientist with a & quot; Master in Adult Education & amp; HR Development & quot; from

Roskilde University of Denmark, Dipl. Conversation Therapist, Dipl. Stress Coach, Dipl.

Mindfulness instructor, trained in MI (Motivational Conversation) and certified at DiSC

Behavioral Style Analysis and Driving Forces. But above all, I'm curious about you! What can

I help you with?  

If you want to find your "thing" and inner motivation through individual coaching, hear one

lecture on motivation or create a winning team, get in touch with me.

Warm greetings,  Katja. 

Regards and Good luck on your magical journey to yourself, 

Welcome to my website and my social media

Get to know  Christina Tånnander


My name is Christina Tånnanders.

I live with my husband in a village called Illstorp, Österlen.

I have 3 grown children and 2 wonderful grandchildren.

I work as a janitor.

My interest in candles began with stumps and milk cartons that my children and I poured in and a little something else we found.

Then I continued to cast a little on a small scale.

Fifteen years ago, my friend lured me to various markets to sell the candles. And it was great fun.

So I continued to cast candles and bought new molds.

Now I have developed a casting and sales room in the basement of our house.

In 2017, I opened up my little hobby. Many have been here, I send packages of candles, and I make candles to the church. I love casting candles.

If anyone has a birthday, baptism, wedding, funeral or other celebration, you can order from me.

I not only make white candles but I love color and make colored candles straight through.

My dream was to do something with my hands something I like and I dreamed of making candles.

The only link to me right now is on Facebook.

There you will find everything I do in light.

Go in there and become one of us...

Regards and Good luck on your magical journey to yourself, 


This is a small sample of my art

Get to know Anette Melin

My name is Anette Melin.  I am living in Lund city, Sweden.  I am a preschool teacher and an artist. 

I paint and create images with colors that appeal to and strengthen me. In my life I have always been creative and used different materials ... just like life, the art expression has also changed.

Today, it is collage painting that is mainly acrylic paint that is mixed with clippings and texts ... then the image comes to me and grows with the help of details and shadows. The creative process takes me into a flow ... time disappears ... meditative mindfulness ... amorphous and distinct as in a colorful dance.

You are so welcome to look at my artistic work on my instagram account.  Contact me if you want to know more about it, if you want tips or simply we can to share artistic experiences.  

Good luck on your magical journey to yourself, Anette.